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Drs. Willemijn C. Naber

PhD Student Neurology

Fields of expertise

  • Clusterheadache
  • Novel treatments for Clusterheadache, including GON-injections (REGON-trial)
  • (Sex)hormones and clusterheadache (ADICH project)


  • PhD Student
  • Treating physician (MD) at headache clinic, focus on clusterheadache


To gain insight into role of hormones, sleep and the biological clock within the pathophysiology of clusterheadache and to explore novel treatments, with extra focus on GON-injections


  • MSc. in Medicine (MD), Leiden University

(Inter-)national collaborations

  • Departement of Neurology, Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis
  • Departement of Painmedicine Erasmus Medisch Centrum
  • Departement of Neurology, Zuyderland Medisch Centrum
  • Member of International Headache Society (HIS) and Dutch Headache Society (NHV)