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Dr. Nadine Pelzer

Neurologist in training

Fields of expertise

  • Headache, in particular (hemiplegic) migraine and genetics of migraine
  • Cerebral hereditary angiopathies (RVCL-S, CADASIL, D-CAA)
  • Other paroxysmal neurological disorders (epilepsy, sleep-wake disorders, syncope)


  • Neurologist-in-training, treating physician at the headache and CHA outpatient clinic
  • Postdoctoral researcher

Mission statement

To improve patient care in the field of headache, by elucidating disease mechanisms, genetics, trigger factors and overlap with comorbid disorders.


  • Medicine (MD), Leiden University
  • Doctorate in Medicine (PhD), Leiden University, Thesis ‘Monogenic models of migraine: from clinical phenotypes to pathophysiological mechanisms’
  • Neurology residency, LUMC

(Inter-)national collaborations

  • Member of the Dutch Headache Society (NHV), International Headache Society (IHS), Netherlands Society of Neurology (NVN) and European Academy of Neurology (EAN)