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Cluster headache awareness day

Op deze dag geven we extra aandacht aan clusterhoofdpijn. Ondanks dat clusterhoofdpijn gelukkig steeds bekender wordt weten veel mensen toch nog niet wat het is, en de enorme impact die het kan hebben op het leven. Daar maken wij verandering in!

The origin and clinical course of cluster headache have been studied in the LUMC for many years. Furthermore, we investigate the specific role of hereditary factors. This is done within the LUCA project: the Leiden University Cluster headache neuro-Analysis program. This project is a collaboration with a large number of neurologists and researchers from different departments in the Netherlands.

Current research into cluster headache

To learn more about the underlying mechanisms of cluster headache, individual information from many cluster headache patients is needed. To obtain this information, we are conducting extensive questionnaire research (in Dutch only).

More information on our questionnaires

It is important to identify genes that are involved in cluster headache. By finding these genes, we can increase our knowledge about the underlying mechanisms.

More information on our genetics research

For many cluster headache patients medication is an effective treatment . Unfortunately, for some patients with the chronic form of cluster headache the currently available medication is not sufficiently effective or has too many side effects. For this specific subgroup of patients, the efficacy and safety of neurostimulation are being studied.

More information on our neurostimulation research

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